The Wall of Fame ...

We have dedicated this page to our customers who have designed, ordered and purchased our furniture over the years.  We would like to share their pictures and show off their creativity with the various pieces they've designed, how they've decorated, etc.  Maybe one of these photos will inspire you to create that special piece you've been thinking of! 


If you have questions or need help with decorating, please contact us!  We would be happy to assist you! 


More photos are always being added!!  Check back often!

Our Customers' Creations

Barrie F. ordered this 4-Drawer Coffee Table to match her TV Entertainment Center she ordered from us, also in the distressed White.  She says these pieces look amazing with her sage-colored walls!   What fun we had in the store picking out what she needed to decorate it with!  Thank you, Barrie! 

Debby D. searched many stores for a horizontal clock to put over the mantel in her house.  Everything she found just wasn't what she wanted, so she came to us.   Debby told us exactly what she wanted, and we designed this one-of-a-kind, horizontal clock just for Debby!!  Our builder loved it so much that he's going to make more of them!  Thank you, Debby!! 

Eric and Rachel have been a fan of our furniture for years!  They designed this Trash Can with Two Drawers, so they could store extra bags, etc.  Thank you, Eric and Rachel, for designing such a unique piece!  What a great way to show all of the many designs that are possible!! 

Karen D. designed this custom Kitchen Island, and it is truly an amazing piece!!  The back of the piece extends a few inches to fit two stools!  We absolutely love your wonderful design, Karen!  And, great color choice ... our very popular Sand.  Add some red accents to really showcase this great color!  Thank you, Karen!

Lynn and Steve M. designed

this 2-Door Glass Hutch in Buttermilk and English Chestnut, a fantastic color/stain combination!  They customized the entire piece by widening the doors.  It looks wonderful!  Thank you, Lynn and Steve!

Joanna G. has wanted The Seat in Black for so long!  Here it is, Joanna!  Congrats!!  It looks so great!  And, you were so right ... The Seat does look amazing in Black Distressed!!  (I had a feeling it would ... hee hee!)  Thank you, Joanna!! 

Susan C. is a big fan of our furniture!  Here, Susan was able to design this Custom Bench for her grandkids' room!  Look at all that storage space!  Put some baskets in those spaces or stack the grandkids' favorite books, games, puzzles, etc.  Susan's unique color combination is Red Distressed on the outside with Black Distressed on the inside.  Great job, Susan! 

Kim F. saw this in our window display a couple of months ago and just had to have one for herself!  Here's the Double Door Chimney in Buttermilk.  It's gorgeous!  If I'm not mistaken, this was an anniversary gift from her husband!  Happy Anniversary, Kim and Steve!  And, thank you so much! 

Kim and Steve were back for more pieces!  This time, they ordered two of the Fat Jelly Cabinets to use as bedside tables!!  What a great idea!!  And, they got them in their favorite color ... Buttermilk!!  What a popular color Buttermilk has become!  Thank you, again, Kim and Steve!

I am always truly amazed at the creativity of our customers, but this piece is really something!  Naomi F. designed this Custom Cabinet in Nu Green.  I love the deep, bottom drawer on the right for a lot of storage!  But, what's so special about this piece is what's behind those double doors ... there is no bottom inside to keep the cats' area hidden!  Well done, Naomi!!! 

Gary G. customized this Cabinet with Glass Doors for his television and components.  You may notice that this piece looks very similar to our Low Deep Jelly with Glass Doors ... just without the taller legs!  This piece is in our Black and Dark Walnut.  See below for Gary's other piece, customized the same way, but in Buttermilk and English Chestnut! 

This is the same piece as the one above, just a different color and stain. Great idea, Gary!  Thank you!

Here is another fantastic custom piece ... a Double Door Trash Can!!  And, in our gorgeous Dark Walnut!  See below for pictures of the doors open.  Congratulations to Sean and Jen!  And, thank you!!!

I love this idea for our Nantucket!  Tonia and Kevin loved the Nantucket style, but didn't want the glass door so they could use the bottom portion for more storage.  So, they chose a Windsor-style door instead!  They also wanted to add some Dark Walnut stain on the wainscoting instead of having the entire piece Black.  And, they were so right!  This looks fantastic!  Great idea, Tonia and Kevin!