Share the L♥ve!!!

Give a discount to anyone YOU choose!!!

We would like to invite you to Share the L♥ve ...

your love of Country Charm Furnishings, that is!! 


We believe in giving back,  and we think we have come up with

a great way to enable you, our valuable customers,

to give your friends and family a little gift!  


Here's how it works ...


♥ We give you Share the L♥ve! cards ... as many as you want! 


♥ Give them to your family and friends, and they will receive 10% off their first purchase!!!


♥  We send you a coupon for every card that's redeemed as a special Thank You from us!! 


♥  So, you Share the L♥ve with family and friends by giving them a discount,

and we Share the L♥ve right back to you with a special coupon ... just for you!!!! ♥


Just contact us any way you choose ...

email, phone, facebook or stop in the shop and tell us you want to ...


Share the L♥ve!