Fabulous Fan of the Week!

Being a Facebook Fan of Country Charm Furnishings can save you money!!!  It's true!!   Become a Fan and enjoy the benefits of our Fabulous Fan of the Week Special!  Every week, we'll post the name of one Fabulous Fan based on the "likes" and comments from the week before, and they'll get 50% off one home decor item that upcoming weekend!!  See ... It pays to be a fan of CCF!!  :)



Check-In for Savings!

When you're in the shop, you can check-in on your smartphone and save 20% off one home decor item!  Just walk in, check-in, and save!!  



Picture Posting Rewards!

Got some great new things from CCF lately?!!  Well, let's see 'em!  Post a picture of how you've decorated with what you got from CCF, post it on our Facebook page, and we'll give you 20% off a home decor item on your next visit!!